Who out there is proud to rock the Hatchetman?

Just another freak tied to a short chain

Face full of mud, left in the rain

Live in the dark, mind and soul

Eat out the dumpster, and broken bowl

Poor and rich at the same time

Knowing that the Hatchetman is forever mine

Don't care what you think of me, or what you bare

You just jealous I got homies everywhere

I'm damn proud of rock'n this wicked stuff

You just don't understand that are lives were just too ruff

We banded together, and this is what became

No matter your size or race, we were all the same

So what the hell is wrong with what I represent

So what if the music is wicked, leave you all bent

This to all Juggalos, but none the less

I don't care, look it up, if don't like, your just a pest

So family hold you hatchet high and

Keep it loud and proud, never forget the brand


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Its all me my fellow juggalos, I spread the ancient word of the LOTUS everywhere I go. But as for ******* dead chicks that's all on Jamie MAddrox. Hahaaaaa!

    Source(s): From way back in the dog beats !
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