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I bought clams for paella, but don't know how to handle them.?

Do I scrub under cold water? Then soak in brine? Then soak in fresh water? Then steam? Then add to paella?

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    First, make sure that they are all alive. If there are any clams that are open, tap on the shell. If it doesn't close then it is dead and throw it away. Soak the clams in water with some flour added to it. This will make the clams disgorge. To cook the clams, throw them whole into your paella about 5 - 7 minutes before your paella is finished. Enjoy.

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    My mom always taught me to wash shell food with salted water! The ones that are open after washing them just throw them away, because those are the bad ones! I don't think you should steam it first. Just throw it in the paella when it is about done, because calm cook fast! If you steam it first, it might be too rubbery!

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    put all in boiling water for few minutes, remove after water reboiled with the clams. Throw away those that did not open automatically after boiled as they are already spoiled.

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    With tender loving care.

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