Web Design as a part time career?

I'm looking for a part time career, I'm 40, and now have some spare time on my hands, now that the kids are grown.

I love the net, can sit at the computer for hours.I hate math, though.

I love to type, and be creative.

Would web design be a good career option for me?

I saw an online career training program for it at Ashworthuniversity.com. It looks good.

Do you have any other career suggestions for me? ( as little math as possible)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Jobs in web design are hard to get because of the competition. Many people can do it, and you'd be competing against companies who offer professional services with teams of programmers and graphic designers. The amount of work that a freelancer or part-timer can get hired for is slim, unless you are highly talented at programming or graphic design and can stand above the crowd. You might get some small jobs for small companies if you are talented and lucky, but it might not be enough to count as part time work. You can take web design classes for fun, to boost your resume, or to apply to a web design company if your are skilled, but as a part time job there is too much competition to guarantee regular work.

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    7 years ago

    Hello Guys. Web Designer can mean many different things, from a straight forward graphic designer to one who is responsible for an entire website. In most cases a Web designer is tasked with combining the graphic, textual, and other elements of a site to create an appealing layout. This work may also include using JavaScript and other scripting devices to create dynamic effects. While Web designers usually need to possess general design skills, such as an understanding of drawing and a knack for creating aesthetically pleasing combinations of color and form, they also need to have an understanding of Web-specific design factors-screen resolution, image compression, usability, accessibility, and website architecture. Thank You.

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