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what are are contacts made out of?

i was just taking mine out and just wondered.

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    Contacts are not " simply latex"

    They are made out of specially designed materials for every different lens brand...materials that will hold different % of moisture, some that have more oxygen transmission capabilities...

    Some of the materials, developed especially for contacts are Etafilcon, Galyfilcon,Senofilcon,Methafilcon,

    lotrafilcon,Enfilcon,Comfilcon,Tefilcon, to name a few.

    The materials are all too scientifically advanced to call them simply latex.

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    4 years ago

    Enfilcon Contacts

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    theyre made out of latex, i have contacts and i ahve the two week ones, and when the two weeks was over i let them dry out over night, and they are simply latex and then your percription.

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