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Butterflies in your belly...?

Every time I call my boyfriend, when I'm with him or even when I think of him I get butterflies.

Could it mean that I'm falling in love?

And why do I get butterflies every time i talk to him, we been dating for 7 months and like I don't want to be "nervous"


As this ever happen to you?

Update 2:

Lol yeah I'm 15 :]

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    i think you are falling in love. every time i think of my boyfriend my stomach turns like crazy, but when he holds me its like everything is right. if you get those feelings when your around him it is because your falling in love :) and you know its true because every time he talks to you he's the only one who can truly take your breath away.

    hope i helped =)

  • Blaze
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    I am assuming you are relatively young. I would go into the birds and the bees of it, but basically it means you are extremely attracted to him. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that you do not love him for him, but the butterflies come from being attracted. They will start (unfortunetly) going away when you're older. They will turn into something else, but I miss the butterflies honestly. They will especially start going away if you really truly start falling in love - that's when you'll start feeling it in your heart. My best description of that is that you feel like your heart itself is constantly reaching out to your guy.

    It's good, hold onto those butterflies as long as you can. I dated my boyfriend now some in middle school too, and my lord I got butterflies! I still get them randomly, if he kisses me a certain way or holds me at the right moment, but yeah. Hold on to them as long as you can!

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    It's a pretty common feeling that stems from infatuation and typically lasts through the first 18-24 months of a new, romantic relationship. Enjoy this special time.

    If it develops into the long term kind of unconditional love the butterflies will dissipate, but the love you feel then should be deeper, more meaningful and enriching.

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    Happened to me twice. It could be developing love.

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    yep. your falling in love.and yes it has happened to me and still is after 9 years of marriage.its a wonderful feeling.

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