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Even if Obama was Muslim why does that matter? ?

So long as he is a human being and an American. And people are treating Muslim as a race. It is a religion. You can't be 15% Muslim or something. That's like saying that you're 10% Christian. Not all Muslims are terroists! I have Muslim friends who are some of the nicest people I have ever met. When will people understand that?

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    I think it's horrible that people are so prejudice. Racism against blacks is a problem, but some people forget that discrimination exists in a lot of other races as well as religions. For some reason people think it's okay to discriminate against Muslims, but not blacks. What if there was an Irish terrorist? Would people discriminate against Irish people and think they're all out to destroy us? I find it really confusing and unfair as well. There are alot of groups of people who are being discriminated against that we don't even consider to be serious issues, and I think they need attention.

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    It doesn't matter to most of us, we have been taught over the years that people come in all shapes, sizes, colors, sexuality and religions and it doesn't make them a bad person. But if you're an Evangelist christan (bible thumper), then it's supposedly a very bad thing. They actually believe all other religions are evil and they are superior..

    JFK was Catholic and Christians hated that about him.

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    It doesn't matter. Separation of state and church!

    I don't care if someone worships tree's, as long as they are good people and respect others, who cares what their personal beliefs are.

    Some people are ignorant of culture, religion, history etc. But that's okay too. If we were all the same it would be boring no???

  • I don't give a rats *** about what religion he is. As long as he does a decent job and holds himself and his subordinates accountable I won't have any problems with him. I know several Muslims myself as a Marine.

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    If someone does not like him simply for the reason that he is muslim, then they are prejudiced.

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    simple. if he was, then the media would told us he was dangerous, and really related to Osama...lol

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