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Happy for a few days but then have a breakdown?

Has anyone ever been really happy

and enjoying everything even if things aren't that great

and after a while you notice you haven't cried in a long time

and you just have a huge breakdown letting out everything held in when you were so happy?

I'm not used to being really happy for more then a few hours

and when I was happy for a few days

without worrying about anything it felt really good.

Even when I thought of sad things

I just couldn't get the emotions out to feel upset, I just brushed it off with an 'Oh well, I can't do anything about it, so why care?' kind of attitude.

But then later today I started thinking about

how someone I really care about is moving in less than a year

and I finally just broke down.

It's not the first time this has happened to me and I'm it won't be the last.

Has this kind of thing ever happened to you?

How do you cope with it?

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    Yes, like at school I'm like screw it attitude. And I'm having not a good day, but in general I'm happy. Then I'll go to the mall try on some clothes, and completely break down bc I hate my body and my life. Then I call my best friend and cry to her. One time, my friend stole something from a store. And I was with her. And she got caught (but i wasnt stealing) and like 4 months later. It was all I could think about it bothered the hell out of me. I couldnt sleep or eat bc of it. it was so weird! I lost 10 pounds..But other than that, know? I just think I'm to dramatic.

    I know my examples arent the best, but like YES. I do understand exactly what you're saying. And like, the way I cope with it is just focusing on how to make my life better. You'll always start to feel better when you think of ways to improve.

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    You point out you notice your psych on a constant groundwork, Is this a psychiatrist,or a therapist or each? If you're in treatment that relates to any kind of abuse as a youngster, those signs would be a natural segment of your medication system and would not always imply that you're having a breakdown however a step forward! You additionally,point out that you do not relatively allow someone understand, Are you cozy together with your psyche/therapist? If you're receiving meds and no treatment I could endorse that you just get into treatment as good or touch a institution that is helping girl discover choices and speak approximately home violence those organizations are one hundred% cconfidential and lots of girl do stick with the abuser, however turn out to be to believe extra invaluable and not more nugatory, and study that they need to be handled with recognize,dignity and love and study to not be given whatever however! YESTERDAY IS GONE,THERE IS ALWAYS TOMORROW, HURRY UP AND LIVE BEFORE YESTERDAY IS GONE AND THERE IS NO TOMORROW! GOD BLESS YOU!

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