i hate math im crying my eyes out right now i hate it i wish it wasnt so difficult!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Hi im having a bit of a problem okay well im failing math i have an F in that class in all my other classes i have A's and so its ridiculous that im failing math and i feel very sad and ugh!!! I have gone in afterschool and before school to try to get help but it just doesnt work i always forget the steps and all that other stuff:( Agh!!! I dont want to get help from my teacher anymore cuz clearly he is not helping and it doesnt help going in for him what am i going to do? report cards go out on monday and i have an F help!!!! I dont want to fail Algebra 2 what should i do talk to my teacher he is nice but im just afraid he is going to get mad at me:( should i consider switching out? that would be a bad move cuz i take ACT's this year and there will be a lot of Algebra 2 and i can not not take it cuz its requiered in order to graduate im a junior and i dont even know my ******* negative numbers help :(!!!!!!!!! and if i come in to get some more help i feel like im burdening my teacher cuz i feel like im bothering him!:(


and where can i get a tutor?

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    oh you poor thing :( I had the exact same trouble in high school and then had to business statistics at uni! argh!

    The problem i had was...'but WHY do i have to do that bit?"

    Math's brains just 'do it'. you sound like you need a 'reason' :)

    what i did was extra study. extra problem solving for each chapter.

    Do past exam questions for practise too.

    I think the idea of getting a tutor is the best idea. that way you can ask questions.

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    Well it's pretty hard to pull an F up but take second semester and get a different teacher and maybe drop a course level down. I'd repeat first semester of math by taking it next year.

    The best person to talk to about this situation is your guidance counselor. I can totally feel for you since I try hard all the time and sometimes even I can get F's on the test and I tried my best and studied a whole lot.

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    No. When you need help that is what teachers are for. Try to convince yourself that you like math. I know it sounds crazy but if you can do that you will get much better at it. If you are not a math person you may be a language person. Think of it this way, there are grammer patterns in language just as there are patterns in math. Ask your teacher to explain things to you in a different way. Perhaps it is not your learning style is all.

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    You need to go into tutoring every day. You won't be bothering your teacher. It is his job to make sure you understand the material and it reflects poorly on him if you fail.

    Things in life are hard. You have to just accept that and do what is necessary to get by.

    In this case, you need to pass Algebra 2.

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    If you can only take 20 minutes of it at a time, then do that much and then work on something else. Giving yourself enough -time- is the key.

    To find a tutor, ask -everybody-.

  • Don't worry about bugging him, that's his job to teach you. Odd thing about high school math is that unless you choose a career in accounting or something, you more than likely won't be using all that useless algebra in the real world.

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    the place is your dad? the place are your different kinfolk? talk with them privately and talk approximately it. in line with danger ask them in case you are able to flow in for a whilst. Your mom only sounds somewhat under pressure approximately something. in line with danger it quite is the fees, in line with danger she's worried that she would possibly no longer supply nicely adequate for you. we are in a recession, so as that would desire to be it too. i'd attempt writing her a letter. That way she won't would desire to be on your face. you are able to wait someplace else whilst she's finished analyzing. and generally your pour your heart out and your authentic emotions in a letter. attempt it. in no way supply up in the previous attempting each thing achievable. precise now, your'e a minor and you do no longer somewhat have plenty ability and independence precise now, so attempt your perfect to be on good words including your mom, whether she's performing like a great brat precise now/

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    I can relate

    I'm sorry, math is just really difficult for most people. Just don't ever stop giving up.

    answer mine please:


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