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This is a question to Hardcore Wii owners.Are casual gamers ruining games for us hardcore gamers?

the Wii is for everyone not just for casual gamers and family gamers

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    No, but third-party perception of Wii owners is certainly hurting us.

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    The Wii became made for actually everyone, no longer for babies. The more beneficial the merrier, no? The Conduit, even in spite of the reality that it became already stated. it really is meant to be depraved. also Monster Hunter 3 will be for the Wii, no longer for the PS3 or the Xbox. anyhow, the video games that are not hardcore are surely fairly relaxing. i'm wondering alongside the lines of Mario social gathering. maximum builders do not pick the Wii because it may't make good pics. pics whores as universal. xD I dunno about the controls, the Wii's controls make video games more beneficial relaxing surely. If Nintendo easily worked on the pics and power somewhat more beneficial. Resident Evil 4 became a lot more beneficial relaxing on the Wii than the PS2. And it appeared a lot more beneficial. also, lifeless increasing: Chop till eventually You Drop, is a remake of the Xbox 360 version, and it will be for the Wii. i'm hoping this is going to be good, yet they are affirming this is kinda not effortless with the Wii even in spite of the reality that they'll attempt to placed as most of the Xbox 360 valuable homes. there is also going to be more beneficial than one keep slot on the Wii version. So no, casual interest enthusiasts at the instantaneous are not ruining the Wii, they are purely... delaying quite a few the excellent hardcore video games. The Wii's easily been out for virtually 2 years. provide it a even as and quite a few different the excellent interest builders will come out. this is the picture of sorting out waters in the previous you bounce top in, no? easily a remember of time in the previous they be able to get GTA onto the Wii.

  • I don`t think that the Wii is not ruining hardcore gamers, even though it is more arcade-like you can still play many hardcore games and the wii is for everyone.

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    no the as you cal them casual gamers arent "ruining" your wii games the only one doing that would be nintendo its simple really they make a game you either love it or hate it other fans cant make you decide how you like a game its all YOU you decide whether a game is good or not the one who decides how much work is put into their games is nintendo so more work better game less work crappy game how could "casual gamers" ruin games for you????????????????????????????????????

    nintendo decides this not them:)

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    actually the wii was made mostly for casual gamers and families, but how are they ruining it, if anything hardcore gamers are ruining it.

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