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Where to find walther p99 airsoft gun ???????

do u know where i can find a walther p99 electric airsoft pistol like in a store not online i dont want to order it online cus i dont want to pay for shipping and all that so jus some store in town where i can find it Thanks!

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    Call around and see what stores in your area have them available.

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    Hey im about to start selling airsoft shotguns that shoot at 300fps! on my eb store for $12.00 with free shipping! Contact me through email if interested. They are coming in tomorrow.

    I know you said you didn't want to buy on internet but you'll spend more for a weaker pistol at the sporting goods store.

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    If the P99 is black, then get that, because of the 2 clear guns that I've had, neither have been reliable at all. If these are your only options, then you are kind of in a hole. try to talk your parents into getting a firepower interrogator. Its not actually a replica of a real gun, but it is the MOST reliable, accurate, and easy to use spring gun my friends and I have had.

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    BIG 5 or Outdoor world

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    goto wal mart

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