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I've been in "ELECTIONS" all day. It's now time to talk B-Ball. Who's the best "SCORER" in the NBA?

Could it be this guy,

4 Scoring Titles

27.9 PPG Career Average

29.7 PPG Postseason Career Average

6 Seasons Averaging 30 PPG or more


A.I. > Kobe

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    Allen Iverson is "The Answer" to your question....

    23,044 points in 13th NBA Season...

    20th overall in the NBA List

    3rd in career average just below MJ and Wilt

    AI is the real scoring machine....The Beast in the East!!!!

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    LOL to lakers 4 life kobe scoring all these points in these past years where has that gotten him? 0 rings ahaha and what did those 81 points to for them that year? NOTHING they didn't even make it outta the first round, and i know that everyones probably heard this already but i don't think Allen Iverson has really never been on a good contending team up till last year and now hes on the pistons a with a good chance of winning a ring

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    you are one of the most pathetic people on this site. how many different ways are you gonna try to find to try to make yourself believe that kobe isnt the best. he is the best.

    that postseason average is pointless cause it got him no rings

    A.I. is like lebron. all this scoring resulting in absolutely no titles.

    kobe on the other hand actually scores and wins.

    he scored 81 in a game.

    when the hell did A.I. do that. never

    get over it kobe is the best

    hey gavin i guarandamntee that if the lakers were to face the pistons in the finals the lakers would win

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    I say it's Kobe. People make a big deal when LeBron or Amare score 40 or 50 but if it's Kobe, it's just another day at the office. He's just an assassin

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    Kobe is much better recently but career wise it has to be A.I

    29.7 in the POSTSEASON that is amazing

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    KB24 i mean didnt he score 81 against the raptors and 62 against dallas in just 3 quarters? this guy can score the ball and take over the game when he wants to theres no one that can stop him scoring is just his thing

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    Kobe's the best scorer TODAY .

    btw if you are basing career average stats and career acomplishments Then according to you Shaq is the best player in the NBA...

    which is wrong cuz shaq sucks now...he WAS the best but is far from it now. I used your own argument against you.

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    the best "SCORER" in the NBA today is Kobe Bryant.

    81 Points say I'm right.!!!!

    But, A.I. is my 2nd fav player, so... It's the first time we're agree in something.


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    No. It's kobe bryant.

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    I would have to say A.I. After all he is "The Answer" isn't he?

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