What are good examples for the writing SAT?

I need some broad, general examples that could fit into almost any prompt on the SAT writing portion.


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    On the test, if you answer with a broad prectrum, you will lose alot of points. The truth is, there is no easy way... but here's a way that worked for me - you just set it up like a check list:


    -Broad/Interesting opening statement (NO QUOTES)

    -Tell the subject of the writing in your own terms

    -List your examples that you will be talking about

    Body 1:

    -Talk about first example, be clear but not too in detail

    -Link it into how it affects the topic

    -Set up transition into body 2

    Body 2:

    -Transition into body 2

    -Talk about second example, clear but not too in detail

    -Link it into how it affects topic

    -Transition into body 3 or final paragraph

    *It is recommended that you only do two body paragraphs so that your essay is well done and thought out - however, if you are good with essays, use three.

    Body 3:

    -Same steps as body 2


    -Strong opening with transition phrase/word

    -Re-list subject of writing and examples

    -Re-explain how they tie back together

    -Finish with a strong statement.

    This will get you at least a nine - if you have a terrible essay but you follow this rubric.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): Got a 680 on the writing two times and wrote two 9's with horrid writing skills, a 680 will put you in the top 4% of the nation - that's not even a 700
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    Try taking ur own experience and add some fiction for enhancement of detail? Try a variety of things, like convert ur birthday into a one of a kind essay/day. :) lots of possibilities!!!!

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    If you go to the library, they have all kinds of books with actual questions that have been on past tests. Check them out!

  • 1 decade ago

    get an sat book

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