2002 Altima blower motor vibrates on fan settings 2-4. what is the cause? how do I inspect blower motor? EW?

I recently removed the cabin filter, along with a dead mouse and a nest. I think something, another mouse?, may be in the lower part of the motor housing and creating out of balance condition which is making the motor vibrate at high speeds. but how do i remove the motor assembly to inspect it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your are absolutely correct it is very simple to remove first locate it under the glove box. It will have a two wire connector that you need to remove then there will be 3 bolt/screws that you will need to remove and with a little twist and pull it will come down and you can clean it out and make sure to look up in the hole when you pull it dow there is usually some debris still up in there and it will get sucked back in if you dont clean it all out. Hope that helps

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are most likely correct that there is either a mouse or debris from the nest in the blower wheel. The blower will come out with the motor as an assembly, you will be able to remove the assembly with a little bit of less than easy twisting and turning up behind the glove box - remove it for better access.

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