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how do i find kinetic energy using mass and speed?

What is the kinetic energy of an automobile with a mass of 1050 kg traveling at a speed of 9.4 m/s?

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    KE= 1/2 mv^2

    so KE= (1/2) (1050) (9.4)^2


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    kinetic potential has an equation: ok=.5(Mass x velocity)^2 something alongside those lines. i'm doing this from reminiscence, even though it's going to provide you a initiate. All you may desire to do is to take the 111Kph and multiply it by a million,000 to get it into meters and then divide it by 360 to get it into seconds. the subsequent step is to take that style and multiply it by your mass, 1650. This style is then squared and divided by 2. this provides your answer in Joules so which you're fantastic.

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