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how do i improve my butt?

i want it bigger, and more shapley. any excersises, or tips. i swim 3 days a week, and run everyday. will that make it harder to improve?

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    1. Squats

    2. Lunges

    3. Step Ups

    4. Hip Extensions

    5. One-Legged Dead lifts

    Hiking, biking, running, walking will all also help shape your butt into the voluptuous, round man attraction device you want it to be. Enjoy :)

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    I rode my bicycle to class and back for just a couple months (8 miles each way, once a day)

    According to my gf, there was a "unignorable difference".

    It works the entire leg, plus thins the waist.

    BTW running and swimming are excellent also, you're well on the right track already!

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    plastic surgery...haha! theres special underwear that makes ur butt look bigger or push it up more, however u like it. the stores like macys or dillards always have them. ask the clerk...might be embarrasing. search online first maybe:

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    the more you run and swim the thinner it probably will be unless you have a big muscular one, what you need to do is lunges, squats along with your running and it'll shape it

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    do butt crunches!!! whilst your waching television like lye on your abdomen and shop squeezing your cheeks!!lol i comprehend it sound humorous besides the undeniable fact that it somewhat works! or you would be able to desire to lease "buns of steel" lol kiddin

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    let me see it ill make it better

    wow im jk lol thats really creepy lol remember just kiddin

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    Yoga and pilates

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    do lounges and squats, next thing you know u will have beautiful behind

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    I do squats, lunges, and elliptical for my cardio.

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