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What was the biggest prank you've ever pulled? ?

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    I always like to punk my friends by posting a comment on their myspace , facebook , whatever


    I send them an IM ( Instant message ) that says:

    " Wanna see what I did last night? go to "

    classic, right?

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    My husband removed all of the lightbulbs from his friend's apartment and then switched the fridge door. You wouldn't beleive the pain that it is to have to open your fridge from the other side. Are you already planning your April Fools Day pranks?

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    I teepeed a house with my youth group.

    oh and i was on the stage at my school and there was a mat at the end of the stage that was supposed to stay there. well kids kept pushing it farther on to the stage under the curtian. well i kept kicking it out and one time knocked it off the stage. then when they came to see who it was i acted like i had been in the back of the stage and they belieed me and they think a goast haunts the stage and that has been going on for overa year now and everyone in the school thinks it's haunted \


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    I farted in a jar and put the lid on it , then when my friend came over

    that day i told him to take the lid off and smell the jar

    Well i told him it was strange how it smelt like pizza, So he did

    and man he didn't like that to much .But after we did laugh about it.

    Alot more to the story leading up to how i trick him into smelling it

    but it would take to long.

    I know it was immature , but dam it was funny.

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    1 decade ago

    I called a bunch of guys i didnt know , cried on the phone and said that i was pregnant wit thier baby. N they belived


    i called my niece and in a deep voice i told her that i was gonna kill her cuz i was sick n tired of her and a bunch of other stuff. I hung up on her n walkin back in the room she was cryin n me and my ma was lmfao cuz she looks like a duck when she

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    i havent really pulled any good pranks

    but last year a friend put plastic wrap on his sisters toilet seat and she didnt see it untill she pooped xD

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    I came with the idea and my sis in law called my cousin to his cell and said that we were from the bank and he owed us money and needed to come by the bank. He totally believed it and even got mad at the lady(sis in law). I just couldn't handle it and we just started laughing.

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    Hmm lets see...

    Put shaving cream on my brother while he was sleeping and tickled his face...

    Put toothpast on the bathroom door handle and told the owner the toilet was overflowing...

    Cover my cousin with silly string on her wedding

    The best, i have yet to pull, put saran wrap on a toilet seat...LOL

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    1 decade ago

    pulled the fire alarm twice because i wanted to get out of a test both times :)

    and in elementry school i was in the phone booth and called the cops. the cops came :)

    i am such a bad a.s.s ahah :)

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    we were at church camp me and my crush and we went and knocked on the little kids door and they came out crying cause they just had scary story time so we went and hid in the bushes till they went back in then we took off running

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