me and my mom fight like crazy ?

im only 11yrs.old turning 12 and im adopted and wanting to find my real mom(Monica Alvarez) help me,me and my mom fight 24/7!

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    Do you want to find your birth mother because you and your mom fight? I was adopted. I have always know who my bio-parents were so that is where you and I are different but when I was a grown woman, I went to live with my bio-parents only because I wanted to get to know them and answer some questions about my personality and even my looks and mannerisms. You should not fight with your adopted mother because first of all, you are still a little kid and you are being disrespetful, even if she is the one who is wrong. Why do I say that? The Bible teaches us to honor our parents so that our days in the Earth will be long and prosperous. If you keep fighting with your mom, you will probably have a hard, short life. I am not trying to scare you, I am just telling you the truth and sometimes it hurts but when you get older, you will understand. There will come a time when you wish you could just talk to your mother but you might not even have her with you so try to get along now. You are at the age where you need her more than ever. You are growing up and you need her and sees the mistakes she made when she was young and she does not want you to get hurt making the same mistakes. Do you understand that? Young people think we old people don't know anything but we have been through everything you are going through now so instead of shutting us out, you should learn to listen. I know it is hard at times, but try. I'll bet if you be nice to her, she will have some great stories to tell you about her own childhood. Believe me. I know.

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    What do you fight about? Is she ever abusive, or is she arguing with you because she is worried about your safety?

    Sometimes parents have a poor way of showing their care and concern for you, and instead of loving you the way you'd like, they love you the best way they can.

    Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side. If you only want to find your birth mother so you can get away from your adopted mother, I would think twice. Be sure you really want to lose this mother who adopted you.

    If you want to know your roots and find your birth mother because you would like to know her, then I would discuss it with your adoptive parent(s), or another adult that you trust in. An aunt or maybe a teacher? Most schools have guidance counselors, too, that you could talk with.

    If you mother is being abusive, that is a different story, and you should get away from her and go to someone you trust.

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    write a letter or something to your real mom and try not to start anything with your adopted mom. i think it will be best that way for a while. shes probably just afraid of losing you to your birth mother which is something that no mother wants to do

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    I understand you wanting to find your birth mom, who wouldnt! But this woman (your adoptive mom) took you in even though she didnt have to. She wanted you! That is so awesome!

    Another thing...12 is a hard age and I think we all fought with our parents at that age...every time you feel like yelling or fighting think...this woman chose me as her daughter, she loves me as if she gave birth to me! That's a love like no other!

    hope you feel better!

    hang in there:)

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    awe. ): ): ): ):

    i know a girl with the last name alvarez.

    idk thoooo. /:

    im sorry.<3

    be calm with your adopted mom.

    shes your mother right now.

    let it be.

    if you wanna find your biological mother, write a letter like that other person said. /:

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