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what destruction do earthquakes cause?

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    Earthquakes cause home damage, Death, and lost of great things to people and to go deeper in earthquakes go on google and find great stuff deeper then i could say here i hope you take this help on both the answers and google

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    city:building damage, sewers damage, transportation damage, street damage, with this trade falls back and place loses much money.

    mountains:landslides that can wipe out towns, hikers/travelers suffer, roads blocked, can cause volcanic activities.

    sea:can cause waves that wipe out portions of beaches/buildings, can cause cracks in sea floor making erosion changing ecosystem for nearby area over a sum of time, can wipe out ports causing sea trade to fall.

    open plains: can cause crevices to open and small damage to outside towns, can kill livestock or hurt them to unsellable points.

    Economy: can raise prices in supplies, people move to safer cities causing population booms, and can destroy jobs creating more need for jobs in the job market....

    this is all from source...appologies but i do hope this helps

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