Did David Cook's brother die?

Did David Cook's brother pass away? I noticed on his album that he titled the last song, "A Daily AntheM"... noticing the A D A M.

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    1 decade ago
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    I definitely don't think that Adam died.

    But i do believe that he most likely inspired that song.

    I remember that on one of David's old blogs(b4 idol) he had that song on the list of songs for his next album. But that was shortly before Idol. So that song was already written before he won because he was supposed to put out another album.... i thought that was cool.

    But kudos to pointing out the A D A M i would have never noticed that!

    So yeah, its a possibility

  • 4 years ago

    confident! he did and it is sooo unhappy. it is truly too undesirable :(. ur appropriate it truly is great unhappy. He died from innovations maximum cancers. did u kno that david basically tried out for Idol by fact his brother grow to be testing and did no longer opt to flow on my own. He made it yet his brother did no longer :(

  • Thats kinda random..

    But I don't think he died, although i know nothing about his family anyway lol

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