My parents seem to hate each other and I'm caught in between...?

Since July, my parents have been on minimal contact plan. Basically, my dad was being childish as usual and my mom blew up at him. Still now, after four months, my parents are still in the "I hate you," mode. My dad and my mom are both stubborn and refuse to give in. This is the first time their fighting has gone on for so long. My dad has basically disassociated himself from the family (eats by himself, takes the room by himself, shops by himself, etc.) while my mom is clinging onto me and vents at me when she needs to (which is like 24/7).

I'm 16 and sure, I should be able handle this stuff, but it seems impossible. They're impossible. I loathe for any concerts or award ceremonies or such things to come because I don't know if my dad will be there or not. I don't know if I should order two tickets for my parents or just one. It's the small stuff, yeah, but it's also painful on me. And I don't want any freaking holidays to come up (like Thanks Giving) because my mom will just exclude my dad out of it. What will happen on my sister's 21st birthday? What about my mom's birthday? What about Christmas? New Years? Screw my 16th birthday. It was long forgotten in July when they started fighting. And I don't know what to do anymore because if I try to talk to my mom, she'll just get mad at me for not understanding her.

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    My parents have this same problem but not as bad, they get into their little fights and my mother likes to stick me in the middle. I found the best way to deal with them is just plain talking, even if they yell or scream. Just talk it out rationally but you have to remember it's not your fault if they fight. They are grown adults and should be able to handle keeping their tempers in check. It's not your responsibility to baby sit them, all you can do is talk it out with them and tell you how you feel. If it is at the stage were they can't stay in the same room with out fighting and can't stand each other, then as hard as it may be it's probably best if they get a divorce. Maybe see if you can talk them into counseling, that might help a bit. Your parents care about you and love you, if they realise how much their not getting along effects you maybe then they'll realise that this is hurting the family and most importantly their child. I'm sure the most important thing to your parents is their kids, they just get caught up with everything and take it out on each other.

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