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did india will divide again because of religion?

nows in india there are too much muslims..

and they donot right with muslims.

i am indian and i know they hav only rights with hindus.

we should hav to make another country just for muslim like pakistan.

indian muslim population is more than pakistani muslims.

if now a days india not allow for another muslim day they will allow because in india muslim population is growin fast..

so brotherz plz tell me did we hav to make another country or spend a useless life under hindus......

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    Why don't you bomb them out, like the Hindus in Sri Lanka are doing to the Buddhists?

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    Well it worked so well last time didn't it?

    If you want an example of a total failure, then the creation of the two Pakistans would be a long way up the list. How many died, how many lost everything? And in the end, India still had the largest minority muslim population in the world (still does I believe).

    And it's not as if either Pakistan or Bangladesh have been rampant success stories in terms of better lives for their people have they?

    Lastly, where do you propose putting such a country? Found a nice big patch you can comforatably fit 100 million people with no one else around have you?

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    I don't think you can make another country ut why can't we all just get along?

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