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The Black Thing On The Guitar.?

On the guitar, some people slide a little black thing onto the neck. What is this and what does it do? Thanks! (:

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    I think you are talking about a capo, which is sometimes used to "change keys" so to speak on the guitar. Some songs are in a crazy key that is super hard to play on the guitar, so they slide on a capo, and can play the song in a different key.

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    You may be referring to what is called a capo. It clamps down whichever fret desired so that the guitarist can play the standard open string chords that are first learned.

    Many professional guitarists, as I, refer to such gizmos as "cheaters" because they detract the player from learning the many chords that are used up and down the neck.

    Source(s): Long\-time player--52 years I never use capos
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    It holds down the strings on that fret so that when unfingered the strings will all play X notes higher than they normally would. It's a quick way to "re-tune" the strings.

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    it is probably something to make the tuning different by making the drop/open notes on the string higher.

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