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17 year old charged with DUI in arizona?

What is the biggest trouble someone 17 years old can be charge with underage drinking dui and a .8 higher in breathalyzer when after court ends. they did not crash ran over something or nothing just got stop

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    Average cost of a first time DWI in the US is about $2000. This includes Fines, Court Costs, Classes, Lawyer Fees, and other expenses. You can also expect to get probation and lose your license for at least 30 days.

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    yet nevertheless they could be charged, or extra so penalized for the offense. DUI rules are very strict in Arizona, the cut back is 0.08% for persons over 21 (non-commercial drivers) and a “0 tolerance regulation” for minors of age under 21.

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    You will be treated like an adult. Same fines and classes.

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