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i like this guy and idk if he likes me back?

because he's always like touching me(not sexualy) and i see him looking at me alot but idk.and today we spent alot of time together doing homework and stuff and i think that kinda made things "better" or whatever but still..HELP!

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    ask him, if he doesnt know you like him dont tell him but ask him if he like you, if he says yes well congradulation. if he says no he will ask why your asking just tell him that you thought he liked you

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    I see. Then, try to make the first move. Talk to him more. if you catch him staring, stare back and smile. Flirt with and see if he flirts back. Maybe you should ask him out, but not as a date, like friend to friend thing. Then, spend time with him more. Look at his body language and just have fun with him. If you feel really confident, confess to him. Say I like you. But dont say it in a way that he ahd to answer right there right now tell him he has time to answer that question. GOOD LUCK!

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    the touching can go either way, it could be just casual and mean nothing or maybe he could want to be close to you.

    you need to pay closer attention to his body language;

    blushing, nudging and shy smiles are always good coming from a guy you like.

    another great way to tell is when he sits next to you, sometimes boys will make it clear that they are into you by sitting with their bodies directed towards you to have a more one on one connection.

    if you continue spending lots of time with him, you will surely find out cause most guys find it hard to hold themselves back especially with the pressure form their guy friends.

    best of luck.

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    Just enjoy your time with him!! And if you do make a move, don't overdo it. I was friends with a guy recently, and I was flirting because I knew he liked me and I liked him, and now everyone is starting rumors about me and it is really terrible. So good luck with whatever choice you make, and be careful!!

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    get to know him, when you do, you'll find out by the way he tells you. he can say 'i like sports,man! i also like this girl, and she likes me, and i do homework with her, and i touch her a lot because i don't know any other move.' then you know he totally likes you, if he says 'well, sports are my thing. i like to get good grades. i don't pay much attention to dating right now, you know? keeping my grades up.' then he likes you, but he just wants to keep up the good work. he may just say that he doesn't know. but the thing is, you shouldn't be caring, even though he is cute and the boy i like is cute but you should keep your grades up. i try my best to ignore his gorgeous face, and it works. so, do what i do, ignore his boyish good looks.

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    Joke around saying something like

    _____ give me hug cuz I love you!! j/k!

    and see his reaction, if hes says i love you to

    or something in a joking way he likes you.

    if he makes a weird look or doesntsay anything

    he just hugs you then no, sorry.

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    1 decade ago

    Guys never accidentally act like they like you. We either talk to you and smile at you or pay hardly no attention to you at all.

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    Make a move

  • 1 decade ago

    um duh

    you should get closer and maybe alone time with him

    then get close and see how he responds

    i think he likes you dont loss hope

    hope dis helped

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    yeah i think he could like you but maybe if you feel you're not ready or what then just be friends,and let things progress one step at a time.

    good luck(:

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