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how do i find the angle ..... help !?!?

if the given point is on the terminal arm of an angle A in standered position, 0 degrees < A < 180 degrees, find the measure of angle A, to the nearest tenth of a degree.

a) (4,3)

- can someone show steps on how to solve this confused.


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    Draw a graph, plot the point (4,3). Draw the ray starting from the origin going through that point (4,3). You're looking for the angle formed between that ray and the x-axis. Draw a triangle (3rd side going down from (4,3) to the x-axis). The side on the right is 3 (the y-coordinate), the base is 4 (x-coordinate), and you're looking for that angle by the origin. Since 3 is the OPPOSITE side to that angle, and 4 is the ADJACENT side, you use Tangent (soh-cah-toa), you have O and A, so you use toa.

    Tan x = Opposite / adjacent.

    Tan x = 3/4

    Take the inverse tan to get x = 36.9

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