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how to smell better.?

i shower rite before i go to bed.

i use deoderant.

i dont have a sweating problem or anything its just that by the end of the day at school i smell.

its emberassing cause people think i dont ever shower.

im a junior and its awful.

any tips?

--by the way perfume and colognes make it worse--

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  • Canan
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    Body odor is influenced by many things.

    - Shave or at least trim the hair in your armpits

    Hygiene of course being but one. If you have very long hair under your arm-pits, you will always have a much higher problem with smells (bacteria dwells there and is provided all the nutrients it needs, ).

    - Antiperspirant instead of deodorant

    Deodorants only "mask" the smell, an antiperspirant will hinder the sweating in that area. In my opinion that is not really good (unless you have the ability to perspire from other areas equally well

    - watch what you eat

    Most foods and their metabolism in the body influence body odor (along with your homeostasis and hormones). Eating meat everyday, will make you smell much stronger (worse) than being vegetarian at least most of the week. Eating organic, high quality foods, instead of mass produced plastic junk will make a huge difference.

    And sometimes, it's just the hormonal changes if you're in puberty. Try some of the advise you're getting around here and hopefully that'll help!

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    Once in a while, before your shower, wash your armpits with rubbing alcohol. Keep it on for around a minute. This seems to destroy bacteria that can build up over time. Apply deodorant before bed, but make sure your pits are dry.

    In the morning, run a warm washcloth over the parts of your body most likely to sweat and dry well. Reapply your deodorant.

    Are you putting on fresh clean clothes every day?

    Stress can cause you to sweat or have stressful odor.

    If all else fails, carry baby wipes with you during the day and wipe off as needed.

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    honest: take a shower in the morning before school. also they have this disease out there where people cant help it. it just comes through the pores, not saying you have this but go talk to ur doctor. and another thing is maybe its what your eating, like if you eat a lot of garlic it can come out through your pores.

    BRUTALLY: are u sure you dont have a sweating problem, did u check with a doctor. anyway do as HONEST said and take an extra shower and get a good deoderant...thats all i have to say...theres really nothing u can do but try different things until u find one that works for u & plus ur not the only one out there im sure that has this problem!!!

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    You're right, perfume and colognes DO make it worse, so don't even try that. :P It just mixes all the smells, eww.

    Try going to the bathroom (alone) and taking some paper towels and lightly cleaning your underarms then applying a THING layer of deodorant.

    And bring an extra shirt in the case that the sweat gets onto the shirt.

    Drink enough water through out the day.

    It works for me. :)

    Hope it helps.

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  • ellie
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    Shower in the morning, using a deodorant soap, and use an extra-strength deodorant as people have suggested...but you should also dust yourself with baby powder (or a powder that contains baking soda) before you get dressed. It absorbs perspiration. You can even get a travel sized container of powder to carry with you - take a break in the middle of the day, go to the rest room, and reapply the powder under your arms. Also, wear loose clothing, to allow air to circulate...and make sure that your clothes are very clean.

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    Use loads of treatments and definitely brush your teeth. Light Some Incense in your room that overpowers everything literally and its smells good. If You Don't Like Incense Just spray Loads Of Cologne Everywhere

  • Anonymous
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    I use Secret or Dove deodorant. No matter how hot you get, you stay odor-free. And I bathe with any kind of soap. I shower every morning and evening.

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    you can get deoderant that is very good and keeps you dry and smells good througth out the day (secret flawless works!) and maybe you should get some body mist that smells suttle and sweet and maybe bring it to school.

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    i have that same problem.. i use secret clinical strength deodorants.. that helps compared to the other deodorants i used to use.. by doesn't get rid of it completely.. but it's the best I've found so far

  • Anonymous
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    You should regularly exercise. Do you eat healthy? Does the food you eat often have garlic, onions, or any of that kind?

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