Confused love triangle/hexagon?

Hi, I'm posting this for a friend:

I have a friend named Madi who has a pretty big problem with her love life. She is 13, and so are all the people mentioned in this question. Right now, she likes a boy from her school named Jack. He just got turned down by another girl named Kylie who he asked out. Madi thinks she might possibly like another boy, Alex, much more than Jack but she’s not sure because she has liked Alex off and on for the past two years. Madi has a friend Sarah who also likes Jack. Her friends told her to be better friends with Alex because she used to like him, but since they’re all in junior high there’s this big girl-boy division. She likes Jack because he is sweet and nice and also smart. On the other hand, Madi likes Alex because he makes her smile all the time and they just ‘click’ with each other. But she has only two classes with Alex and they talk about once a week, while she talks with Jack every single day. Madi knows that Alex likes someone but no one will actually tell her who. She’s very confused right now and would like some help. Any ideas on what she should do?

I know it may sound confusing, so thanks in advance everybody!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, if she really likes either of them, she'll know it. I'm 13 and as strange as it may sound...I've been in love once. I've had several boyfriends, but I have only really been in love once. Sadly, that love was short lived, and I got my heart broken. So, if Madi really likes one of these boys, she'll know it. This is pretty much the only advice I can give unless you want me to say: "Follow your heart." Anyways, I hope this helps out some. I know how confusing love life's can be. Good luck!

  • 4 years ago

    No, I dont, atleast. yet some human beings do they think of that once one person has given them a number of interest that they are head over heels in love and there is surely if u wana make it genuine trouble-free human beings continually confuse lust and love, and its by fact they dont be attentive to the version.

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    1 decade ago

    I think that all these KIDS are too young to be worried about relationships. It seems so juvenile to worry about that nonsense at age 13. don't worry about it options are better in high school anyway!

    Think about it.

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