how do i convert to my micro sd?

I have a phone witha micro sd card and i tried just putting it in my camera and pluggin it into the computer, then adding the files to it, but when i look at them on my phone it says unsupported format??? will somebody plz help me.

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    1 decade ago
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    What video files are you putting on your card from you computer? Are they .WMV, .AVI, or .MOV files? They are most likely not compatible with your phone. My phone only plays video files with the extension .3gp.

    In order to find out what type of video files are compatible with your phone, record a video from your phone onto the micro sd card. Once you've done t hat, plug the card up to your computer and find the file you've just recorded. Then you can find out what the extension is to the file.

    Once you've figured that out, look for a video converter online that will convert your video files to your phones supported format.

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