Why are there starving children in Africa?


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Thank you Aly, I will definitely look into that

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    Because Europeans and Americans basically screwed Africa over for their own selfish gain.

    They came, they imperialized, they segregated ethnic groups, they left. Believe it or not, there is a definite cause for the bad things happening in Africa. A lot of it has to do with leaders that used anarchy and ethnicity to rise to power.

    To find out why Africa is so bad off, read The Graves Are Not Yet Full by Bill Berkeley. It is an extraordinary book about tyranny and anarchy in Africa.

  • <3333
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    First of, Africa is a continent not a country(some on said that)

    second, Africa doesn't have enough resources for everyone to be "not starving" There are always droughts and famines going on, which makes hard for people and children to be nourished.

    Lastly, not every country in Africa is poor or has starving children. For example countries in North Africa like Morocco(my country) Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt AREN'T POOR and don't have starving children. It really depends on the government of that country and also depends on the situation which may be either famine, drought, or flooding(which is in some parts of Morocco).

    Hope i helped <3


    Source(s): 100% Moroccan, a country in Africa
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    Because Africa was ravaged a long time ago and most of its culture and infrastructure destroyed and its leaders killed. It was left to a lot of young not fully trained people to try to carve out an existence after they were abandoned by colonists. So basically much of Africa has been "re-booted" and is basically like the beginning again. Only the strong will survive, but at the same time outside forces who live in a COMPLETELY different world keep trying to impose their ideals, beliefs and ways of life on Africans. It's like going to a factory in the early industrial revolution and giving them machines for the present-day. You would have a lot of deaths and accidents because the machinery is beyond their comprehension. There machines work let them do it their way.

    The same with Africa, leave these people be if they die out, they die out, but at least let them go at THEIR own pace and do what THEY think is best.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's very complicated, but there is no excuse at all for it. I think I saw one answer that made since on here very sad. We need to think out side the box. It has nothing to do with war cause look at Zimbabwe no war and people are starving.

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  • Oh but Mariah Carey is sooo envious! "They're so skinny!" Verbatim. No, it's because we "fat" Americans don't share our food. But see, the problem with that is, my leftovers would spoil on the way there.

    Oh, and that Lᶓ†§ Gᶞ Rᶓd Wïηg§! γᶓah! guy is an idiot if he thinks Africa is a country. It's a continent you dumb @$$!

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    to: Lᶓ†§ Gᶞ Rᶓd Wïηg§! γᶓah! <--Africa is not a country it's a continent.

    Answer: lack of food, some areas have drought...hard for plants to grow, the wars going on, people taking advantage of them and taking their stuff, people don't care enough for them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because they are not capitalists.

    Interesting! Lots of thumbs-down and I have given you the most legitimate answer. Anything short of capitalism and Africa will continue to just be a money pit. There must be a bunch of socialist on here tonight.

    Africa has some of the largest deposits of natural resources in the world including oil, gas, timber, diamonds, gold, coltan and bauxite. None of this is leveraged to enrich anyone but ruling juntas.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    cause fat americans eat too much.

    an average american consumes two times more meat than an average chinese. you need 8kg of grain to get 1kg of meat. so when someone is eating two times more meat, you need two times more grain to feed the animals. and then the hungry africans get less food. all of the food grown for animals, could already feed them.

  • hewray
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    1 decade ago

    Because the people with food don't give them any

    Pretty weird

  • 1 decade ago

    Because some stupid rich people are tooooooo selfish to donate some of their HUGE chunk of money to people who REALLY need it...


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