what is your favorite US city ?

I like to visit new places every couple months... my favorites so far are Vegas and New Orleans...... What other cities in the US are good to visit and why? what is there to do there? sites to see? I need some new ideas for future trips... thanks!!

I'm 24btw, and not really into crazy clubs or anything like that.. more into local bars... sightseeing, history ect...


oh and good food of course ;)

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    Panama City Beach Florida

  • Jeff H
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    I enjoy Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis, Louisville, I long to see Nashville.

    Independence, MO near Kansas City has a wonderful county library with every US census available on microfilm.

    Omaha, Nebraska was the first capital of the territory and state. That building is still standing and near a modern art museum.

    The SAC Museum is not a bad drive if you are into military Aircraft.

    Wright Patterson, Ohio has a great place like it too.

    If you are into family history, there are few better places than Salt Lake City. I want to go back to see the country outside of town. Nothing better anywhere especially the drive from west to east on the interstate.

    I would love to do Death Valley when it is cooler. I enjoy the countryside in Nevada and Colorado. It's hard to go wrong unless you are facing a big snowdrift. (BG)

    Whatever you like to do, the list of possibilities is endless in all these places. Write the local chamber of commerce or check out their websites at both the local and state level. Great parks abound. They are FREE. Who has to have a drink of booze to have fun?

    Source(s): Been there Done that would do it again in a heartbeat if I had the time and money.
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    Nashville, TN

    There is SO much history here- loads of historic plantations and mansions from the civil war era to tour, including Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, Belle Meade Plantation, Carnton Plantation, many battlefields, cemeteries, homes, etc. There are amazing parks here- especially Centennial and Warner Parks. Downtown is wonderful with an ecclectic collection of modern and historic buildings, the State Capitol, honky tonks, local pubs and restaurants, etc. It is situated on the Cumberland River across that river from LP Field where the amazing TN Titans play! TN is a beautiful state, green rolling hills, horse farms, beuatiful homes.... I've been here for 7 years and have found my home! Come visit!

    Source(s): I moved here after 9 years in Las Vegas and am originally from SF- another wonderful city
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    Raleigh, NC


    Los Angeles, CA

    Source(s): Raleigh to live in. Los Angeles to visit.
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    Source(s): Been there
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    I love Vegas too but I think my fave city is probably Chicago! I'm a Midwestern girl at heart always, I think.

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