Motorola Razr - How to download driver software so pc recognizes ?

Okay so i know how to download .jar files and all, and i have a usb cable which connect my razr motorola to my laptop but it says that i need the driver software and my laptop doesn't "recognize the device".

Does this mean I need the mobile phone tools or something like that? Is there anyway I could get this online for free?

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  • 1 decade ago
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  • ocain
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    4 years ago

    the previous answer is actual. you need to opt to purchase Motorola's cellular telephone tactics as a way to get the driving stress kit. regardless of the actual incontrovertible reality that, you'd be waiting to discover an (unlawful) reproduction for receive someplace, yet this is risky. also, you need to opt to attempt motorola's cyber web website help cyber web website Nd see if there are any straightforward drivers for receive withoutt the flamboyant effective homes. I HAD cellular telephone tactics and it did artwork fairly a lot, so if it particularly is suited nicely worth it to you purchase it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've found this to be helpful and problem free.

    It will scan your system and locate the exact drivers you need to update automatically...

    Hope it helps you!

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