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Could I get some football advice?

Well im a offensive lineman, but i really, really want to be a fullback. I think im a good fullback size, im about 6 foot 180. Is there any advice I could use?


Im 14 and a freshman. I dont think we are going to have a fullback next year.

Update 2:

That really helps, thanks a lot.

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    6 foot?? you got it made, I'm 5'9 ish and 200, I'm not sure what grade you are, but I start as our varsity fullback, and I would say, maybe 10 extra pounds, and work on quick foot work.

    Do shuttles, get offs, run with a parachute, learn the plays inside and out.

    A fullback is an offensive guard, that gets to carry the ball basically, so when you get the ball in your hands,drop yourshoulder and punish someone.

    Another thing I might add, hit the gym, what got me in the spot, was my muscle which accounts for most of my body weight.

    It's a lot about legs, like squats, lunges, cleans and calf raises, but also hit the bench, bicep curls are good(look good, lol), tricep extensions, dips, lateral raises, lat pull-downs, curl-ups, a strong core workout, all kinds of things you can find. A good protein shake can help you out as well.

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    if you are an offensive lineman, you should have learned how to block the guy directly in front of you by now. the biggest difference is going to be doing the blocking on the move. as the first guy said, know your gaps and all of the plays requiring a block out of you and you should be good to go. if your team throws the ball to the fullback or runs with the fullback you are going to have to increase your knowledge of the playbook a bit.

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    you might want to add how old you are and what grade. Also how your school is in football and do they have a good fullback. What kind of skills do you have I.E. good hands or great pass/run blocking.

    If you like to lead block for running backs then go for it. Everyone needs a fullback but they are so underestimated in the game. Understand every running play and know your gaps well and you should be fine

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    It also varies on what kind of an offensive scheme your team runs. If you utilize the I formation a lot then fullbacks are needed more. If your team uses a spread offense, then fullbacks are rarely needed. Try to convince them that you can lead block. At your height, you need to pack on some weight as well. I had a homie that was 5'5" and played fullback and weighed what you weigh. At your height, you should weigh more.

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    Condition your body to gain at least 20lbs, develop your speed, do more catching drills and most of all watch how the best fullbacks in the NFL Block. For example, watch Lorenzo Neal, Mike Sellers (Redskins Fullback), Weaver ( Seahawks). I would also tell you to continue lifting as if you were going to be an offensive linemen. Vernon Davis is the strongest tight-end in the game and his lifting regiment is what the offensive linmen do.

    Good luck!

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