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when do u think the world will end?

or jesus will come back?

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    The truth is, Jesus "comes back" when you accept

    Him as your Savior and Lord,

    the "end times" are the end of the grace period

    for you to ask him into your life.

    Then the judgement comes.

    Some say the tribulation has already started, but

    I think there is time to have a few more get in the Ark.

    Just say Jesus save me, forgive me, give me your

    Holy Spirit . And read one of the gospels, it only takes

    a little while, you will be fine. A new child of God.

    Start with Matthew 5, that was His Message for you.

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    Jesus is coming back- a truth more certain than the fate of the sun.

    He doesn't know when. So we ought to live ready for His return:

    Mark 13:32~

    [ The Day and Hour Unknown ] "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."

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    No one knows, but it looks like within the next 50 (today is November 10, 2008) years -- tops.

    The end of the world starts at the sound of the first trumpet; the first trumpet will sound after the coming kingdom of the beast is established. The first trumpet is the beginning of the day of the wrath of God and that day will start with a big earthquake. The seventh trumpet is the end of the day of the wrath of God and that day will end with a BIG earthquake.

    After the seventh trumpet sounds, the thousand years (in which our Lord reigns here on earth) will begin and satan is imprisoned before our Lord's reign begins here on earth. After the thousand years are over, satan will be released from his prison and will deceive people again for a short while and then he will be thrown into the lake of fire along with all of the human beings who don't have their names written in the book of life. After that happens, the Son and the Father become one and He will dwell among us humans here on earth for ever and ever.

    Planet earth never ends; it's eternal. The current world will end and things will change for us humans, but planet earth doesn't end.

    To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory for ever and ever. Jesus is Lord.

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    Oh for Heaven's sake another Rapture question...the Rapture is a man made ideology created within the last couple hundred years. The Rapture is not in the Bible. Jesus will come back I am not denying that, but we don't know when and it's futile to even guess.

    Source(s): *I'm a theologian*
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    Jesus has come back again and again and again. Re-incarnation. He was Stalin, and is now that hobo on the street playing the harmonica for peanuts.

    The world will end when some new guy presses the big red button labeled "do not press"

  • FROG E
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    I believe we are in the end times could start at any moment but these thing must happen first.

    The rapture....Christians taken to heaven

    7 years Tribulation....The antichrist will rule the world

    Millenium....The devil will be bound in hell for 1000 years

    Armageddon...Jesus will come 2nd time....this will be the end of the world as we know it

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    The world will end when either we over populate the world and we surpass it's caring capacity and then Earth goes spinning off its access, or the sun decides to nova.

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    When everything comes to a logical conclusion and yes he will come back - perhaps the two will co-incide and pehaps not - after all it did not end when he first came to live on earth did it?

  • The world will end in a couple billion years when it is swallowed up by the sun.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A few billion years from now.

    Jesus isn't coming back because he never existed in the first place.

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