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Fellow Republicans. What is happening to our party? ?

I am a Republican. But I am so disappointed with my party pressing religion. This is NOT what we are about! We are about the government staying out of our business. Are there any other republicans out there who agree with me?

And Palin? Come on. McCain is a smart, experienced, great, hero. How come we've put someone like Palin up there? I just don't understand what is happening to our ideals as a party.


Witchy - Our founding fathers were rebublican. They wrote that church and state are seperated.

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    We obviously need to go back to the conservative values of Abe and Reagan. We need new leaders for the party, i think i good man is congressman Paul Ryan. He was just elected and had a great speech on election night about getting this party back up and running. One of the things i totally agree with is that we need to stop "Europeanizing" America, very good point.

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    I think being a conservative can reflect certain moral beliefs which may or may not be motivated by religion. I have no problem with that, but, I think our party has lost its real focus. I think most politicians on all sides have lost touch. There are too many special interests, too much corruption and too much money changing hands. I just think our party in this election did too much pandering to different audiences and too little issue-solving. Its better to take your stand and then back it up with facts and alternatives that people can understand. We looked vague and unsure of ourselves. I think McCain is a good man who chose the wrong running mate for the wrong reasons and it cost us. Palin is probably a great Governor but she came off badly. I hope we will learn from this and get it together. What we need is a politician who is really motivated by patriotism.

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    "We are about the government staying out of our business"

    I've been a Republican for many years. The statement above is only partially true. The Republican party wants the government to stay out of people's financial lives. The party believes that it is okay for government to be involved in people's personal lives. Examples of this include abortion, homosexuality, gambling, prostitution, smoking bans, and the drug war.

    The political party who wants the government out of both a person's financial as well as their personal life is the Libertarian party. You may be interested in reading about it.


    This page describes the Libertarian party's platform.

    I'm not a Libertarian. I identify as a Republican but my views fall about mid-way between the two.

    Edited to add:

    The Republican party was formed as a third party to contest the Democratic and Whig parties in 1854 (78 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence/67 years after the Constitution was written). Yes, they were a moral bunch back then, if you read the history about it.


    Of course there is plenty written and it's very interesting if you feel like googling it.

    Yes, they wanted to avoid a government-sponsored religion but they still wove their personal morals into their platform. Even back then, the Roman Catholics didn't like their moralism and voted Democrat...ahhh....some things never change. (chuckle)

    If nothing else, it's interesting to think about what this third party did!

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    You are 100% correct. Finally someone who can see through the haze of media bias and pop culture. I think the right man to unite the party is Gov. Tim Pawlenty. He is conservative, but able to reach all parts of the party.

    Pawlenty '12 !

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    The problem is that the Republicans of area living in the past. They have not realized that today, we are people from different religious backgrounds and ethnic groups. The Republicans need to get over the fact that we are no longer primarily "rural white Americans"!!!!

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    the sooner it all fails then the rebuilding can start

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