I'm kind of stressed out about my grades(and other personal things:). How do I tell my parents?

Ok, so here are my multiple problems:

1. my test grades in social studies haven't really been that great except for the first which was a b, then my second was a d(i didn't get it signed because i just couldn't) now my newest test grade is an F( 46/64 this grade is for the second quarter the first two are for the first quarter). I have to get it signed and I'm so freaked out about showing my parents because if i tell my mom she will start yelling at me and punish me a whole lot(i show all my tests to my dad because my mom doesn't help me with anything in school, she just expects me to get a's and anything below that is considered a bad grade in her head). I accidentaly forgot to tell my dad I was havinng a Social Studies test so he warned me if I get a bad grade, I'll be in serious trouble. I didn't not study, so I think I'm just having some kind of problem in that class. I have a feeling the teacher may tell my parents I didn't get the test signed, if I don't get it signed. So that's one problem.

2. I didn't get my report card(because of a little tuition past due.), but I saw my report card and I remember the grades were:

Religion- B I have to talk to the teacher about that because she told us our grades for the quarter and she told me I got an A............ so yeah.


Social Studies- B

Science- C I really dont know how I got a C because I turned in everything except for three homeworks, all labs, quizzes, and got an A on both tests. I think I have to ask my teacher how I got that grade.

L.A. (Language Arts)- I dont know yet, I didn't see it filled in but I think it was an A

(that's the overall grade from the three following grades)


English-D I think its because I turn in some things

Writing(I believe)- I didn't see that grade either but I know that is an A

Those are my grades and I know my parents are gonna kill me when they see it because my mom wants me to get straight a's this year(im trying my best and im in 8th grade so yeah) I have no idea what my dad will say, I dont think he'll get mad, he'll probably lecture me about them especially about the C in science. I think that's it. I'm not really trying to be mean, but I really want to avoid my mom yelling because I really don't need anymore stress on top of everything else. I know I have to tell them because I know(if they dont forget) the award ceremony is coming up for the first quarter where you either some awards, but more importantly honors(all b's and a's), high honors(all a's and one b), or principal's list(all a's) and if they know I didn't get anything, they'll know something is up. Now I think I'm done, for now anyway. I'm not on level 2 but thx 4 any answers.

This has nothing to do with the question but my b-day is in 3 days so thats one good thing:)

Sorry, its so long.


skip number 1 i solved it

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    Try to change your grades on the report card

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