Should I do a repeat HIV test?

had a low risk possible HIV exposure 6 months ago Was tested at 5 months but now am having anxiety that the test was wrong or i had not seroconverted yet. Should i be worried and re-test? Most info i have found has said it almost never happens that someone seroconverts that late... thanx guys!

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    More than 98% of people who are infected would test positive within 3 months. It is true that it is very rare for someone to take 6 months to test positive.

    Given your anxiety, you may want to get tested one more time, just for your own peace of mind.

    Source(s): I do HIV education and testing.
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    Testing a 5 months will give you a very clear picture where you stand, unless during that 5 months you had unprotected sex with someone else. If so you need to go three months with protected sex and you will have a clear picture of your status.

    Source(s): HIV Educator/Trainer
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    when it involves something as serious as HIV, i'd always suggest a second test. i know how it feels to be worried and not wanting to take the test for fear of results, but wether you take the test or not, if you have it, the outcome will be the same. it's best to know as early as possible, as there's treatment.

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    If it was an antibody test, yes, because antibodies can take 6 months to a year to show up on a test.

    If it wasn't an antibody test, you're good to go.

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    you're done.

    in reality, 95% of seroconversions take place in the first 42 days, as proven in studies of transfusion cases.

    Source(s): I'm an infectious disease specialist.
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