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whats wrong with my cat?

it's actually my mom's cat, but anyways, he's acting like he swallowed something and it wont go down. He keeps acting like there's something stuck in the roof of his mouth or his throat, and there's water coming out of his eyes. and when he does stop licking his mouth (for a few moments) he closes his eyes and his tongue is sticking far out of his mouth. there was some Orajel sitting nearby, but i dont see how he could have gotten ahold of it seeing as the cap was on it and i didnt find any punctures in the tube. can someone please tell me whats wrong with him??

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    He could have swollen glands or something stuck in his throat. He should certainly be checked out right away by a vet.

    Hope he feels better soon. xoxo

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    Look in the phone book for an emergency vet if you don't have an emergency vet number already. It sounds like he really needs vet care. If he was allowed outside, he may have been poisoned with anitfreeze. I doubt a cat would even try to eat orajel on its own. Someone would have had to force it in his mouth. If someone forced it on him, that is probably the cat's problem. If the cat is breathing and it was given orajel, offer the cat water or milk to dilute the orajel. Put some water or milk on the cat's mouth and tongue to see if the cat will drink it.

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    How are we supposed to know what he got into? Carefully look in his mouth- my cat got stuff stuck in her mouth before and sat there constantly swallowing. Once it was a needle, that meant an emergeny vet visit. once it was just a paper price tag, that dissolves pretty readily and she was fine.

    If you don't see anything, call a vet. They may need you to bring it in. Yes, its a pain and expensive, but you are responaible for the cat and this is just what you have to do when it is sick or injured.

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    Your cat needs to be seen by a vet asap! No-one here can possibly answer you so have your mom call or take him'her to the vet now..

    He may be in pain & could possibly die..

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    well i would bring him to the vet but there is a possibility of fleas and he might have licked or ate one but most of the time it is he is not getting enough water and needs to be on liquids or he might have an itch and can not get it and they do that to relive the itch hope that helps

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    I cant, but your local vet can! please take him there.

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