WIC QUESTION and ready to use formula?

Do they supply us with ready to use? I usually get powder but my bubs likes the ready to use better....


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    Well Wic is alot more strict and has more guidelines. This year is the 1st year in 10 years that it went to enfamil. Similac was the formula given by wic for the previous 10 years. In years before you were able to get a DR's note stating your child only took enfamil and they would switch your formula. However they are only allowed to give you similac if Enfamil does not have an equivalent. They do not give ready to use they may give concentrate or powder

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    I work with WIC vouchers on a daily basis, and where I live they will give you the liquid which needs to be mixed with water or the powder. It really depends on your babies needs, and which you prefer. If you get the liquid they do it where its one of the cans per day which is more than enough cause it needs water added. Also on the WIC voucher with the formula is juice and baby cereal. Which you may not need right away but it doesn't hurt 2 go ahead and stock up. Hope I helped...

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    The wic i go to only does powder inless you have a doc note say your baby HAS to be on a diff kind and why. Also they give WAY more then enough powder i only breast feed my son now but my 2 year old had to be on formula and i always had like 3 full cans left over each month

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    My sister is on wic in washington state and she had to have liquid because her baby was premature and was immune compromised and had to have serialized formula which only comes in the liquid and they would not pay for ready to feed but gave her the liquid concentrate and the way it works up here they give you the same amount that you would get in powder in liquid. She used to get 35 concentrated cans of formula which is the equivalent of 805 oz of prepared formula. Im not sure what brand of formula you are getting in powder but generally they are around 96 oz of formula and you get between 8-9 cans per month so it seems to be about the same. Hope that helps....congrats on the baby...:)

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    1 decade ago

    The amount is below, as for how many containers it is that depends on what brand your state uses. Depending on the brand depends on whether you actually get more consumable formula from powdered, liquid concentrate, or ready-to-feed


    Powdered or ready-to-feed formula may be substituted at the following rates: 8 lbs. powdered per 403 fluid oz. concentrated liquid; and 26 fluid oz. ready-to-feed per 13 fluid oz. concentrated liquid.

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    where i live they give you the option of either powder or liquid. I use the powder, i get 10 of the smaller cans a month. For the liquid, I believe you get 30 small cans, not for certain though, but I guess it all depends on what state you live in.

  • I think this depends on the location (state). I lived in VA and they gave a kind I didn't like, then I moved to TN and they give the kind I do like. Call your local WIC office and find out. As far as how much they give you I think they base it off of how much your baby eats.

  • no wic only provides the small cans of powder i whs they did the ready to use ....but u actually get more out of the powder ....

  • they do because they asked me if i wanted powder or ready to use i got powder so i dont know how many ready to use they give you but they give me 9 cans of powder

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    They only provide the concentrated and it is only with the regular one and possibly the soy. I dont know exactly how much they provide but I do believe it is less.

    Just go with the powder...your baby will get used to it.

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