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why is my 8 month old waking up cry during the night?

my 8 month old will fall to sleep about 7 30 but he is waking about 4 to 5 times a night crying and he is very hard to settle after that why? and what can i do?

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    It could be from a number of different things. Wet diaper, scary dreams, afraid of the dark, hungry, or just needs a "Mommy hug" for reassurance.

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    Kaden is 8 months and develop into doing this till some week in the past. i began putting him to mattress later at approximately 10:00 or 10:30 and giving him an entire bottle with cereal good formerly he went to sleep. He nevertheless wakes up approximately 2 circumstances a night and could cry possibly approximately 2 minutes and then in basic terms pass lower back to sleep. that is way greater beneficial than the three to 4 circumstances a night in spite of the undeniable fact that. whilst he's having teething indicators I many times provide him a low dose of Tylenol and teething pills formerly mattress too.

  • Maybe he is going to bed too early. My 8-month old goes down about 7 but he only wakes up once (sometimes twice) to eat. Every baby is different, maybe he is getting too many naps during the day. Try cutting out one nap (or two if he sleeps a lot during the day) and see if he sleeps more soundly. Maybe he's hungry during the night also, or has belly pains. Seems to early for the "night terror" stage but if there's a stressful environment (not saying there is, just throwing it out there so no offense) it could be affecting him. Babies pick up on everything.

    Good luck and I hope you find the solution!

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    Eating good?

    Good naps during the day?

    Bath routine before bed? Johnson's Calming Bath?

    Some babies just wake up hungry. My little boy did several times in the night right on up after he was 2 years old. He's 3 and still will wake up sometimes.

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    god only knows. i am going to keep watch of your answsers because i have a 9 month old that does exactly the same thing!!!! i can't let him cry himself back to sleep because all he does is get that hysterical that it then takes me an hour to get him to stop crying then another 20 mins or so to go back to sleep. i have tried the controlled crying technique, but it just doesn't work for us. I have resorted to giving him a little bit of milk in a bottle and he drinks himself back to sleep. I know this isn't the best way to handle it but i work and it's the only way i can keep my sanity. teething is another cause for my little one, so some bongella or baby panadol sometimes helps.

    good luck

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    Sometimes when baby's are trying to learn something new (like crawling, walking or saying a new word) they will have trouble sleeping and wake up more often in the night.

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    My 18 month does the same thing. I am used to it.

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    Maybe a growth spurt? Hungry? Or, gassy? Is he having regular bowel movements?

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