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What are some issues surrounding moral value and character we are facing nowadays?

how can we improve/ fix it?

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    A major issue in morality and character is those we look to, as a society, to provide positive examples. This pretty much eliminates movie and TV stars, pop music singers, child-molesting priests, etc.

    Which leaves us with politicians.

    Fortunately the morally bankrupt idiot in the White House will be leaving in January, and taking with him a man whose "character" puts him on a par with Valdemort or other famous monsters of history.

    So we have, as a society, after eight years finally confronted the administration that stole most of our Constitution and country, and, we hope fixed it. Time will tell on that one.

    Meanwhile, I can hardly wait until the two of them are brought up on charges for their war crimes by an international tribunal.

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