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the story winter dreams by f scott fitzgerald

Update 2:

"Winter Dreams" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

1. What is the significance of the title? Why do you think Fitzgerald used "winter" and not "spring" or "fall" in the title? In what ways do the seasons affect Dexter's outlook on life?

2. Describe the setting and its significance.

3. Describe Judy Jones at the age of eleven. How do you feel about her treatment of the nurse?

4. Why do you think Dexter quit?

5. What is the significance of the line, ". . . Dexter was unconsciously dictated to by his winter dreams." Are you ever dictated to by your "winter dreams'?

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    I do not know the answers. I clicked on another link yesterday and it started downloading software furiously while i watched. Spell out what you want us to know instead of a link and we will give you great answers..

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    I'm afraid to click on that; what is it in regards to?

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