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How can i get my 2 yr old toddler to sleep in his own bed!!!?

my lovely baby doesn't want to sleep in hes own bed, he wants to sleep with us every night what can i do he gets scared to b there all alone

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    i had this problem with my 22 months old toddler, but i got pregnant and i needed more space, so i put his bed right next to ours, in 3 days he was sleeping alone, without jumping over me to get back to my bed, and in 1–2 weeks he was completely alone, and away from our bed, i think it worked… Hopefully works for you too..

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    Plan on wearing out the carpet between your child's room and your bed for the first few nights while you go back and forth to reassure him. This change will be particularly hard for a 12- to 18-month-old, who may be experiencing separation anxiety anyway. Since your child is 2 years old, you can explain that it's time for him to sleep in his own bed, in his own room, but that you'll be nearby. It may help to let your toddler decorate his new sleeping quarters with favorite stuffed animals and toys.

    To ease the move, there are a number of different strategies that you can try. One first step is to have your toddler get used to sleeping in his crib during nap time. You can also gradually make the transition by first sleeping with him in his own room. Expect some protests about this new sleeping spot, but rest assured that having you nearby will ease the transition. Finally, you can start with just bedtime, having your toddler fall asleep on his own in his own room but bringing him into your bed when he awakens at night. After a couple of weeks, you can take the final step to having him sleep in his own room all night.

    Give your toddler plenty of comfort while he makes this transition. Once he's finally settled in his own room all night, don't bring your toddler back to your bed — this will only confuse him and send the message that he'll be rewarded if he cries long and hard enough.

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    Don't introduce a tv, use positive communication with your toddler. Draw some pictures, try and find a book about sleeping in the big bed and use that as a learning tool. By introducing a tv it takes away the hard work and attention that it needed from you at this stage in your childs life. What he needs is a constant routine and you and or partner to stand your ground.

    Everyone in the household needs to be on the same page so to speak, as it is hard when mummy is tough but daddy says -just this once.


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    Have you tried putting a night light in his room? If not, then try that. But if you already have, maybe put a little TV in his room and put him to bed a little bit early (so he isn't up all night watching tv) and let him watch tv to fall asleep. I would suggest putting on a movie so you know it will shut off in an hour or so, because you don't want you son watching so much tv before bed. If he is still awake after this, or if it doesn't work, you can try telling him bed time stories to help him doze off, and then put one of those baby gates in front of his door so he can not get into your room. He really needs to get used to his own bed, so make sure you practice this every night, even if he screams and cries about it, eventually he will tired himself out and fall asleep until finally he realizes it isn't that bad to sleep in his own room. Good luck!

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    My son is slightly older, yet we've a similar form of situation. He only became 3 and hasn't had his very own room so he's been dozing in an person mattress with the two my mom or my husband and me. whilst my mom ultimately moved out we stated his toddler mattress and placed it in our room. I even have made it very sparkling that he's to sleep in his toddler mattress, next to my mattress, and there is not any different option. he's unquestionably been extraordinarily good approximately it. I only made it exciting and informed him how proud i'm of him and what a great boy he's, etc. He nonetheless wakes up a minimum of as quickly as a nighttime and needs me to attain down and pat him or rub his back, yet i've got confidence like he will boost out of that presently. when you consider that he's in his very own mattress now there are circumstances he wakes up and could soothe himself and doze off on his very own. whilst he's doing that continuously i'll pass his mattress into his room.

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    you need to stay with him until he goes to sleep for a week or so. Reading a story is a good way to get him to sleep. If he wakes up in the night go to him before he comes to your room

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    I'd let him. If you really do want your space, sit in his room with him while he's in bed but don't interact with him.

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    Bring his bed into your room, and bribe him to stay in it.

    Praise works wonders.

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