does he like me? (need lots of answers)?

Im so confused cuz theres this guy dat i really like and he acts in different ways around me. like he's himself, he's nicer to me than to my friend (my friend and him are mean to each other but they joke only), but at times he's shy cuz he stutters sumtimes and just doesnt say anything. but idk if thats just how he is. today my my friend joking told him gosh you dont like me and he was like of course i dont (joking) and my friend knows dat i like him so she asked him if he likes me and he said yes of course. but he said it in a way that he likes me as a friend, but i mean of course hes not gonna say i like you like you cuz were just friends. idk though cuz i dont wanna get my hopes up but i dont wanna be negative either. when he said yes he likes me he said he likes me cuz im nice to him and he always smiles when we talk

ive made is so obvious but guys are slow (no offense) idk how much more obvious i could be and he's really smart like 4.67 smart.

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    maybe if you keep being nice to him and always talk to him then he will like you even more.

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    I think he does like u and for that question he isn't going to tell u he likes you right in front of your friend because she might make fun of him. IDK that is just my guess but i had the same problem and i still haven't gotten an answer

  • 1 decade ago

    you need to catch him alone and talk to him a lot if he really likes you he will say it you can always ask you're friend if she will ask him. Its okay to be desperate some times.

  • 1 decade ago

    That's really confusing.

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    *migraine headache rips through skull and brain tissue*

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    tell him your self and guys aren't slow girls tell lies with body language

  • 1 decade ago

    i like u if u would suck my dick

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