Does this girl like me?

How do i tell if this girl likes me?

Hi, in school today and for the past month this one girl that sits next to me always likes to joke around and say im stupid or something like that. She obviously has a good time doing that and smiles at lotat me. Once, when i looked over i found her looking at me.But according today, she has gotten way nicer and the name calling ceased down. Also, she sometimes smiles at me when i just look at her How can i tell if she likes me without directly asking her? Are there any more signs i shuold look out for?

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    1 decade ago
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    well bro you asked the right guy.

    1. if she hits you or shoves you around (playfully (not mad at you hitting)

    2. if she stares at you especialy if you catch her looking and she looks away fast

    3. if she laughs and smiles around you

    4. if she makes fun of you in a playful way (like you discribed)

    5. if she sits next to you alot

    point being if some of these tips aply to your story then the chances are she likes you

    personaly i say that she likes you and is probly waiting for you to ask her out. so what are you waiting for? get out there and sweep her off her feet before some other guy asks her out

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    No girls likes any guy. Its all a game. They find a guy, are nice, and get married. This becomes a huge payday as they now own everything you have. If your just a soon to be boyfriend you are just practice for the real game they will start to play later in life. Ive learned my lessons the hard way. Good luck, have fun and don't get hooked!

  • 1 decade ago

    ask around to see if she has a boy

    friend then if she doesn't, ask her out or get her number first

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    1 decade ago

    uhm eye contact, flirting, winking, and etc.

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