How does the NFL classify a start for a player?

Do they have a player that starts for each position? what is the breakdown for the positions and how many can be named starters (WR)?

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    Technically, you could start 9 WRs. NFL rules require that 7 offensive players (including WRs) be on the line of scrimmage. You would still have to have a center to snap the ball and a player to receive the snap. It would be a horribly bad idea, but you could do it.

    The offense and defense both have 11 starters.

    You can find a breakdown of positions at

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    Depends on the setup of the offense.

    Each position has a starter,

    Some positions like WR orCB have muliple starters.

    Some offenses have a base of 1 starting reciever

    Some offenses have 4.

    Usually on offense there is/are:

    1 Starting Quarterback

    2 starting Wide Recievers

    1 starting Half Back

    5 O linemen

    1 Tight end

    1 Full back

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