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Depression or exaggeration?

I get hurt so easily and sometimes I just break down, stupid little things people say to me hurt me a lot.

t's not that I'm sensative but I'm not that happy anymore. I mean at school, I hate it but I make it seem like im really happy. I have friends but everything feels so fake and I feel like people only do things for themselves, but i dont say anything to anyone.

I'm really hurting though, and lots of times i thought about what would happen if .... well , you know. I don't think I'd ever go through with it because everytime I think about it, I think about god and how it would e a sin but it still bothers me that I'm in a situation where I am thinking about it in the first place.

Am I depressed ? should I tell someone or am I exaggerating?

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    you need to take sometime for yourself, and figure everything out.

    take a roadtrip, or if you can't leave go for a long walk to clear your head once in a while.

    its okay to be sensitive.

    you cant always be happy.

    there will be down times, everyone has them.

    to avoid becoming depressed talk to someone you trust, and someone who won't judge, but won't listen.

    everything will be okay, dont worry. :D.

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    i used to be exactly like that when i whent to my old school, EXACTLY to the point of it being kinda scarry. by the end of going there i would say that i was kinda depressed. maybe ur just at the wrong school. when i switched schools, i felt so genuinly happy and free. maybe ur just at the wrong school

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