Help with an Exodia Deck...?

Anyone know a good Exodia Deck list? I have a Heart of the Underdog OTK and a casual Exodia Deck for fun. I want to know a deck list of and Exodia Deck that plays fast like an OTK but you have about 5 turns to have fun with your opponet.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    monsters- 20

    Exodia the Forbidden One

    Right Arm of the Forbidden One

    Right Leg of the Forbidden One

    Left Arm of the Forbidden One

    Left Leg of the Forbidden One

    Giant Rat x2

    Mystic Tomato x3

    Nimble Momonga x3

    Emissary of the Afterlife x3


    manticore of Darkness x2

    spirit reaper

    snipe hunter

    Magic/Spells - 12

    Card of safe return x2

    foolish burial x2

    Pot of Avarice

    Mystical Space Typhoon

    heavy storm

    Level Limit - Area B

    Swords of Revealing Light

    Messenger of Peace x3

    Traps - 8

    Mirror Force

    Torrential Tribute

    bottomless trap hole x2

    solemn x2

    backup soldier x2

    Source(s): played yugioh since the dawn of time and i have several regionals
  • 1 decade ago

    scratch theother decklist..go with this one lol:

    5 exodia pieces

    3x reload

    3x heart of the underdog

    2x card destruction

    3x common charity

    3x the dragon dwelling in the cave

    3x gene-warped warwolf

    3x giant soldier of stone

    3x chamberlain of the six samurai

    3x battle footballer

    3x justi-break

    3x upstart goblin

    3x pot of avarice

    Source(s): ;]
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