How do you measure how much ribs you ate?

This is for my bio homework (so no, im not watching my weight...)

im just wondering wat unit is used to measure how much ribs u eat...

i.e. for steak, u measure using "oz" right? like 6oz, 8oz steak...

for milk u measure with "cup" like 1 cup of milk..

for ice cream u measure with scoops "1 scoop of ice cream"...

I want to know how u say how much ribs u ate..


how big is 1 rack?...

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    It's the same. I mean, as far as amount consumed. You would weigh the meat only, not the bones.

    Typically they are sold as "rack or half-rack," but most food are weighed in ounces.

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    normally you measure by the rack. Like 1/2 rack or full rack or by single rib.

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