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Unmarried Adoption of a child? Is it ok?

In today's society, having a child before marriage is frowned upon... What about adopting a child? Like if a couple adopted a kid before marriage... What are your thoughts on that?

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    If a person is against unwed motherhood and despises those who have babies outside of marriage, they should be equally against single people adopting, whether in a relationship or not.

    And from the responses to another question here, there seems to be lots of people still around who consider unwed pregnancy to be a sin.

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    2008 not 1908....not frowned upon in my neck of the woods. If it wasn't for the single parent explosion there would not be any birth rate at all.

    In most states, only married couples can adopt. That would mean one member of the couple or the other could adopt but not both together if they are not married. That is according to state statute and you can look that up online for your locale.

    I personally do not have anything bad to say as long as the couple is stable and can provide for the health and welfare of the child/ren even though legally that child is the son/daughter of only one.

    Just get married.

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    I am in favor of it. Adoption by two parent heterosexual married couples is the ideal, but their are not nearly enough of those couples available. A qualified single wanting to adopt can be a great blessing to a child.

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    It is in today's society??? I missed that memo....I know quite a few single mothers who don't live in 'disgrace' because they had a baby out of wedlock. They work hard to feed their kids and create a home.

    My father had that attitude towards unwed women.... but you know sex before marriage is alright for the boys. No wonder the later generation began to put changes in place and frown on those double standards.

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    I really don’t think its as tabooed today as it was years back. You actually have more and more couples who are having children but not getting married. The couple lives together and are committed so in a way they are married just not legally. In some places they would be known as commonly married. There are quite a few single adoptive parents. Most proably adopt because they want to be a parent but have not find that special someone. Or maybe they have no desire to marry but still want to be a daddy or mommy.

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    In my opinion, yes.

    But women should also be given support and encouragement to parent the children they give birth to, regardless of whether they're single or have partners.

    Single motherhood shouldn't be a differing standard between biological mothers and women who want to adopt.

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    Why would a couple adopt before marriage is what im wondering? I dont see anything wrong with it though. I wouldnt frown down on it....then again im 17 and going to be a dad soon haha. Im thinking if someone adopted and wasnt married its probably because they cant find that person or no one wants them....idk! If ur talking about yourself though...go out there and put a baby in a better home!

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    It's fine and dandy to be single and adopt, but it's shameful to be single and birth a baby. Go figure.

    Source(s): One of the shameful ones.
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    i would say its ok but however if u are going to adopt it and have a boy friend and think your going to get married w8 till then i would say but if u dont wanna wait then u can adopt the child but if u think u cant keep care of it with out your boy friend dont adopt the kid. if u dont have a boy friend and you think u can do it alone no one can stop u no matter what wow i feel like that was a dramtic sceen in a really bad movie o well do as you want but umm... i guese i danced around the question a bit so i would say its not wrong.

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    Many adoption agencies WILL NOT allow single individuals to adopt. So prepare for agencies to say no. They want you to be married for a couple of years. In today's times or not many agencies still say no.

    Source(s): Social Worker
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