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How many times on average does a baby get sick/have a cold in the first year?

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    Babies are expected to be sick 10 times their first year. One of Dylan's nurses told me.. "if it seems like he's always sick, it's very likely that he may be. Just watch for fevers and fussiness."

    Although they don't like to diagnose babies very young with allergies - dylan has allergies... so he's constantly stuffy, and when it gets really bad, he gets ear infections from them and it starts coming out of his eyes :( Right now he has his 2nd ear infection and he's only 6 months! And he's not even around other kids or babies, i'm a sahm in a clean environment.

    Some babies never get sick though... my nephew was breastfed until 10 months and had some really bad colds - 103 fevers, etc. due to allergies. He had about 5 colds his first year... it depends on circumstances.

  • My daughter is 6 months old and really hasn't suffered with a major cold at all. There has been maybe 3 times that she has sounded stuffed up and once that she had a runny nose. Other than that- she has been well and healthy.

    Most children have on average 6-10 colds per year.

  • They say it is about 4 times on average but this number will change depending on individual circumstances. Breastfed babies tend to get sick less often and babies in daycare tend to get sick more often.

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    7-12!!!!!! Crazy!!! Right? Found info on and also personal experience. Remember with each cold your baby is developing new antibodies, so even though it is hellacious...its a good thing.

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    My daughter will be 1 next month and so far she's only had one minor bought with pneumonia.

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    if they have allergies, it is constantly. They really shouldn't get sick at all unless they are around other kids. Maybe once.

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